About Us

The Association is made up of ardent Hereford breeders and followers of the Hereford breed. We meet several times a year for different events, including workshops, trips away and for our AGM held every Autumn, combined with a farm visit. We also have an annual herd competition and awards presentation dinner. We find our association a good way to combine meeting socially with helping to promote the Hereford breed.

The SEHBA has a committee consisting of 12 elected members, of which two are nominated to represent our area association and our member’s views at the Hereford Cattle Society’s Council. Our current council members are Michael Clark and Martin Jenkins.


Our history

The SEHBA is one of many long running Hereford Breeders clubs located throughout the country, and we are directly affiliated to the parent Society. The Hereford Cattle Society was founded under the patronage of Queen Victoria in 1878. The Herd Book was opened in 1846 and since 1886 has been closed to any animal whose sire or dam had not previously been recorded, so for over 120 years, the purity of the breed has remained intact. For more information on The Hereford Cattle Society please visit