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The Bartholomews group have been trading for 120 years and offer their farming customers with a range of agricultural inputs and advice. Bartholomews deal with feed, fertilizer, seed, crop marketing, crop protection and freight services. For information on their wide range of services please visit  http://www.bartholomews.co.uk/



RSPCA Assured Freedom Food

Freedom Food is the RSPCA’s farm assurance and food labelling scheme, which inspects farms to strict RSPCA welfare standards.

Freedom Food and the RSPCA have helped make significant strides in moving farm animal welfare forward. Working with the farming industry, retailers, food service companies and the vets and welfare scientists to keep standards evolving and improving has meant the lives of many farm animals have been improved.

For more information about RSPCA Assured, including joining the scheme or sourcing Freedom Food products, please visit their website  http://www.rspcaassured.org.uk

Gerald Shearing Livestock Supplies

Independent nutritional advice, feeds & supplements and livestock purchases and sales. For more info please visit: http://www.geraldshearing.com/